This podcast is dedicated to all those who have gone through a similar journey of receiving a cancer diagnosis, and those who care about prevention.

Cancer is a multifaceted topic. It’s the dreaded word that nobody wants to talk about. I was one of the people that said to myself, “cancer is for other people, not for someone like me.” I will share my story and some holistic approaches that I have personally used in the fight against cancer. We will talk all things, mindset with the spiritual component, and how activating both helps the healing process more than we even know. As much as I would love to dominate every episode this podcast will include interviews with my husband, who has been by my side through the cancer journey, and other cancer fighters who have overcome their cancer diagnosis with a more holistic approach. You will love this so stay tuned!


DISCLAIMER: Anything shared on this podcast is not meant for medical advice. I am only sharing what has been effective for me on my personal journey, as well as my guests that are on the show. The products and healing modalities shared on this podcast are not meant to treat, cure or prevent disease.