I saw this phrase recently and it caught my attention. So I want to put it out to you. In regards to your health journey, are you interested or committed? I will tell you from experience that being interested won’t really get you results and it’s all about results if we are being honest right? 
So what does it mean to be committed? For those of you on the 5&1 program that I Coach for- it means remembering in the face of temptation that you are committed to your goal no matter what.
It means that you start thinking differently about food. Now we have talked about this before, but though we have to eat food everyday and can’t just stop eating, we can learn to stay in control of our food decisions and not be owned by food.  Oh boy can that be challenging at times. Not impossible though at all. SO many people let food own them, I know this from experience. There is something SO very empowering when we don’t let food own us and we stay COMMITTED no matter what-it’s like a newfound confidence is instilled in us.
I am here to remind you to check in with yourself and remember your WHY. No matter how long the journey takes- it is absolutely worth it, YOU ARE WORTH IT! The best version of you is waiting on the other side. 
I challenge you this week to ask yourself, “Am I interested, or am i committed?” and then make the necessary changes to move your health forward.
As alway, I am here 100% cheering you on. I believe in you. I look forward to some of you hitting a reply back to me, and I always look forward to hearing how you did. Remember, you can have what you want. It will require sacrifice. But it is so worth it.
Have an amazing week ahead!