The moment my clients discover their true potential—that’s what drives me

I recently had this epiphany about the “magic” within. Each one of us has untapped magic within us. When God created us, He created us with gifts and talents and unique traits to bring to the world. Usually, the way we were raised can have an impact on us. There are lots of reasons why the magic inside stays dormant. Many people are disengaged from their own abilities simply because they are sitting on the sidelines watching everyone else use theirs. Sometimes it’s due to being afraid, or not having the right environment to be able to “see” the magic within us- our gifts, confidence, and inner magic, goes unnoticed, and stays buried within. What a tragedy!

Recently, my Pastor preached the most amazing message that resonated with what God had been speaking to me. It has to do with the burden, strong desire, or calling each one of us was created for. It’s personal to each one of us. The Bible says in Romans 8:19 that “All of creation waits for the revealing of the sons and daughters.” To me, this means that creation is waiting for us to rise up and be who God says we are and walk in what He has put inside of us. (That’s what I feel like God revealed to me the meaning to be.)

Now some of you may not resonate with that scripture, but some of you will resonate with this: You have incredible gifts inside of you and unlimited potential. Few actually uncover what is inside. You are made with beautiful gifts and talents and a great big purpose.

I want to empower you with these thoughts. Have you ever thought that you are actually good enough? What if you’re actually more ready than you think you are? What if believing that you can make it happen is the only thing standing in the way? Friend, you are more powerful than you believe to be true. Not just if you have the right make up on and the right outfit on. Not just if you’re making a lot of money and are successful in life. Not just if others speak well of you. Just you being you in the truest state. If you don’t believe this, well, then there is where the work is. Here are a few simple ways to help you:

  1. Write out what you think your gifts and strengths are. Sometimes you won’t know what exactly they are until you step out and try and use them. If you are not using your gifts in life, ask yourself why or why not? Your gifts are made to be given away and they are a unique expression of who God made you to be.
  2. Ask people close to you what they see in you. This may confirm what you already know to be true about yourself.
  3. Start exposing yourself to people who are doing what you want, who are extremely talented and skilled at what you want to do.
  4. Hire a Coach or someone who has the results you want to have in your life.
  5. Look at different resources like Strength Finder.
    And most importantly, pray! Ask God to show you the gifts and magic within.

It takes work to rise to the level of what we want to become. Invest in the inner work and see what you are made of. We only get one life to do this…

Proverbs 22:29- Do you see someone skilled in their work? They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank.

I recently have been getting asked about my 3-month Life Coaching Program and if I still offer it. Yes, I do and I love the results my clients get. I have been busy working with 1:1 clients in my Wellness Strategy Sessions. But maybe you need someone to help you discover what may be dormant. Maybe your playing small in life because you are afraid to show the world who you are. And let’s be real. It’s not very comfortable to face your fears. It’s not comfortable to do all kinds of inner work. I believe if we don’t, we are missing out. Missing out on a lot! If this resonates with you, apply to work with me in my 3 month program. When I hired my first Coach, I was scared, Scared to be seen. Scared of being judged. But as we got further into the sessions, I realized how much I valued having another voice of truth speaking into my life. She helped me see what I was undervaluing. She helped me to see that the woman I wanted to be first needed healing…and then I went on to hire a different Coach and each one has shown and given me something different.

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Have a beautiful day!