Hello and welcome to a new week. So many of us are excited for a new year! For those I have spoken to recently, you have stated that you really want to accomplish some BIG things in your health. I definitely applaud you for that. Maybe last year you worked on your health, but not to the best of your ability. I love that you want to make some lasting changes. This is why we call our program a “lifelong transformation” because essentially, that is what is happening all throughout your life. You are evolving and transforming. And we are always working on our health-it’s a forever thing.In regards to accomplishing your health goals, it’s important for you to know what you will gain on the other side.

First of all, when a person conquer’s a goal, self confidence is gained.

Secondly, your mind is opened up to it’s capabilities.

Thirdly, the healthy habits you created to help you get to your goal-they are created so all you do is have to follow those habits since you know they work.

Lastly, once you reach your intended goal, it will be time to tackle a new goal. How fun will that be?

So, how can I help you get there? What current habits do you have in place that you are practicing? Whatever they are-they are helping you achieve success in your health, or not. It is good to do some reflecting on your current habits. 

If you are not plugged into the Habits of Health webinar or weekly podcast, you need to be. It will help you, I promise. You can subscribe in iTunes and have a new podcast episode sent to you every week. It will greatly help you on your health journey!

I encourage you to be 100%! It is worth it and you will achieve so much when you get to the other side. Have an amazing health filled week!

To your success,
Erica Matthews
Certified Health Coach