Hello again! Wow, has it been as crazy busy as it has been for me? To be honest, I don’t like it. When I am going from one thing to the next, I tend to not make the best food decisions, unless I have a plan-which I do 90% of the time. I hope all of you are thriving healthfully (not sure thats even a word, but we will go with it..)
I have been thinking about 2020 quite alot. This is why I am a fan of Vision Boards and creating your year. But I started to ask myself, where do I want my health to be? Some of us not only want our health to be in a better place, but it’s more of a need to be in a better place. Sometimes it’s so easy to neglect our health and put ourselves on the back burner. That is never a good idea. And never is it worth it to sabotage your health for a moment of pleasure. 
I am here today on this Monday morning to remind you that you are capable of finishing the year strong and that you are worth it to take charge of your health 100% and make your health a priority. This is one area in your life that NO ONE can do for you. Either you want it or you don’t. Either you are willing to put in the work, or your not. 
I want to commend you for how far you have come in your journey, but I am here to contend with you for the more. Let’s rock your health goals together in 2020-which is right around the corner. Have an amazing week ahead!