Good morning! Happy Monday and welcome to a new week. I really enjoy connecting with you this way and I appreciate all the feedback I have been getting. As many of you know, my heart just wants you to succeed and have  you experience all kinds of wins in your life-not just with health. These weekly emails are reminders that we are in this together. You are not alone. If I could do this program and lost almost 40lbs in 4 months-then you can succeed too.

I want to ask you what are you envisioning for your life these days? Are you dreaming big? Is there anything holding you back? I didn’t realize it at the time (5 years ago), but having extra weight that I really wanted to get rid of but did not know how to-held me back. Its like I wasn’t giving myself permission to live big. This is why I am such a big believer in doing whatever it takes to work on our health. It is everything! It can take just a few short days sometimes and it can feel like we don’t have a handle on our health. But I am here to tell you, you can overcome. You can change. You can get to your goal. You can feel proud. You can have that energy. You can have that confidence. You can sleep better. YOU CAN.

Something that helps me is imagining what I want. Reminding myself of what it is I really want.

Sometimes it feels like the struggle is so hard and we start to wonder if it is really worth it. Yes, it is worth it and yes, you are worth it.

This is why I love Monday’s! It is a re-set as to WHY I am passionately working on my health. We are doing this for a good reason.

I know most of you-today is your weigh in. If it isn’t what you hoped it would read on the scale-do you know why? It can be a few simple changes to start seeing results again. It doesn’t have to debilitate you or have you beat yourself up. Focus on the things you are doing well in your life.

Last thing is this: I want to commend you for working on your health through the holidays. The holidays are oftentimes a weight gaining time for people, but it is just the opposite for you. Kudos to you! Remember I am here for you. You can do this. It is important and the work you are doing on trying to improve your health is valuable.

Please let me know if I can do anything at all for you! And don’t forget to subscribe to the Habits of Health podcast if you aren’t doing that already.

Go out and Rock your week!